Chemistry, Baby!

SEP 13, 2020

"Chemistry, Baby!" contains four early hits and reflects the core of the Honeyclub: With “I’ve got a Secret“ the EP starts with a catchy pop song about the secrets of love, its confusing and absurd ways that make us like to twist our necks and doubt ourselves, performed in a danceable and refreshing way. This is followed by the easy blues „If I only had Money“, a song about the seductions of the omnipresent mammon and makes us wish that money could buy more than material things. “I wanna be in the Laboratory” is the indirect eponym of the EP and combines at its core the holy trinity of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, the great chemical cocktail that has carried generations through life and many nights. Where could this cocktail be better adulterated than in the laboratory of the Honeyclub? The last title of the EP, “Baby, Please!”, sounds like an instant classic, forged from the finest irons of early Rock'n'Roll. A song of pure passion.

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