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Biology, Baby!

MAR 05, 2021

With "Biology, Baby!" the Honeyclub releases its second EP on March 05. Conceptually following the first album "Chemistry, Baby!", which was released in September 2020, the Honeyclub presents five new, fresh rock'n'roll tracks in a contemporary style.
The opener "Oh, Girl!" is a driving garage rock song with loose surf leanings, its rolling drum groove announcing from the very first moments of the record what awaits the listener in the coming eleven minutes of the EP.
Seamlessly follows "You Got The Wrong Idea", which was already released a month earlier as a pre-release single. A laid-back bassline from bassist Bo J. Al, in all the best 50s rock'n'roll fashion, lays the foundation for a song that brings a life-affirming, positive message to a music culture that is increasingly plunging into negativity. In an era where depressed is the new bold, the Honeyclub makes a statement that strikes a chord in times of the covid pandemic.
In the middle of the disc is the song "I Wanted To Be Here Soon, But Now I'm Early". The song humorously deals with a society that is characterized by sex and commerce. Packaged in a setting where two people actually find each other attractive but still keep missing each other, the track eventually culminates in a weary exclamation by singer and guitarist G. Lou: "Cherry, this ain't love no more!" With its catchy lyrics and punk leanings evident in the guitars, this is one of those songs that sticks with you long after the last chord fades.
"I Wish (Three Wishes)" stands out from the club's previous repertoire. Clearly more intimate, this is a song that expresses a wish for some peace in an agitated world. Led by a gentle melody, the Honeyclub shows its introspective side without appearing defenseless or lost.
Answering this track is the closer "Alright." A rock song with stadium tendencies that conveys the feeling that life is not always easy, but still beautiful. With the message that everything will be alright, not to take small things to heart, Honeyclub closes its second EP with a motivational message.

Biology, Baby!
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